There’s only a couple of things I want to see in my chocolate: Cacao mass, cacao butter, (cane)sugar and if needed, soy lecithin as an emulsifier. Other than that, no additives, no milk, no artificial aroma’s… guess I’m picky.

I’m Kris Kellens, a Belgian guy in his mid-thirties, passionate about nice things in life. Especially good music, photography and… tasty food and drinks.

Chocolate being my latest discovery, I want to share my experiences to anyone out there who might be intrigued too.

I’m in no way connected to any commercial organisation, nor do I claim to be an expert. This is just a reflection on my trip through cocoland. And you are invited to travel along!

In case you feel the urge to contact me, use this adres: beantobar@kriskellens.be

If you’re friendly I’ll even respond! 🙂

You can also follow this blog on Facebook!


4 comments on “About

  1. nancymn says:

    Thanks for the follow on my blog, I’ll be doing the same for you! Wonderful to find another fan of the good stuff out there!!!!!


  2. I’m thrilled to have come upon your blog via Twitter! Seems like that portal is good for something after all. Holy shit, you certainly know your same-self!! Are you sure you’re not a pro? Your eloquence resounds otherwise.


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